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90 days DMP Performance Max. Services
90-Days DMP Performance Max. (incl. Guarantee) $1,00

Here’s what clients are saying about DMP

Carl Elisassen

Co-Founder & CEO

DMP Lead Mastery: Explosive 20 million Growth in 5 months

Our explosive growth to 20 million NOK in revenue within five months is a testament to DMP’s strategic acumen and lead generation mastery.

profile vibecke falster schage eiendom client testimonial dmp nordic
Vibecke Falster

Marketing Director

A cornerstone of our growth

In just four months with DMP, we nearly maxed out our rental capacity, attributing about 80% of our leads to their digital strategies. Their expertise didn’t just meet our expectations; it became a cornerstone of our growth

Simen e. eie

Product Manager

A vital strategic ally

DMP has proven to be more than just a performance partner; they are a vital strategic ally, fully invested in understanding and advancing our business.

90-day breakdown of 7 stages towards prosperity

  1. 1
    Initial Market Overview
  2. 2
    Onboarding Meeting, Company and Market Insights
  3. 3
    In-Depth Psychological Persona Analysis  
  4. 4
    Conversion Optimization
  5. 5
    Offer Creation and Funnel Building
  6. 6
     Monitoring, Optimizations, and Deal Closing 
  7. 7
    Performance Review and Roadmap Discussion


90-Days Performance Guarantee

An unparalleled offering, stems from great confidence in our ability to deliver. It serves to hold ourselves accountable for every outcome, and providing you with peace of mind when investing in our partnership.

If the fee for DMP Performance Max services is prepaid in full for the first 90 days (3 months), your investment is protected by a performance-based guarantee to achieve a basic level of results. These levels will be set, agreed upon in writing, and formalized in the strategy document, which serves as your legal document concerning the guarantee. 

Should there be underperformance relative to these levels after 90 days, we will continue to work at no additional cost until these objectives are met during the subsequent 90 days. If the goals are still not achieved after 180 days from the "activation date," you will receive a full refund of the amount paid for the DMP Performance Max services.

Allegiance to the J-curve

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90-Days DMP Performance Max.


Optimize & Boost Your Funnel with an Effective Strategy

  • 2.5h Strategy Meeting
  • In-dept Persona Analysis
  • Active Funnel Optimized
  • Meta Ads Management
  • GA4 + Meta Tracking
  • Training Resources
LIGHT Performance

Accelerate Growth with Comprehensive Digital Strategies

  • All-in BASIC
  • Offer Creation
  • Ad Content Strategy
  • Staff Training Sessions x3
  • Google Ads Management
  • SEO Strategy
PRIME Performance

Immortal Suite for Peak Performance

  • All-in LIGHT
  • Advanced Funnel Creation
  • +1  SoMe Channel Ads
  • Dedicated Sales Team*
  • Optimized CRM Setup
  • Advanced Custom Analytics Dashboards

Full-Scale Market Domination Suite Fully Managed

  • All-in PRIME
  • +2  SoMe Channel Ads
  • Influencer Marketing / Ambassador Team
  • Full Content Management
  • Testimonial Curation
  • A to Z Web Optimization
  • SEO Strategy Executed

How it works


Stage 1: Initial Market Overview  (Day 0 – 3)

We kick things off with a comprehensive market analysis based on public data. Our objective is to identify current market trends and key players, assessing their strengths and weaknesses. This step provides crucial insights, setting the foundational 'performance bar' for our upcoming strategies. 


Stage 2: Onboarding Meeting, Company and Market Insights  (Day 3 – 6)

Onboarding begins with a 2.5-hour session focused on understanding your product/service offering, previous marketing efforts, and customer base. We delve deep into your desired customer acquisition channels or potential new market entries, exploring possibly overlooked business potentials. The last 30 minutes are dedicated to establishing minimum targets relevant to our guarantee and primary goals for Day 90.


Stage 3: In-Depth Psychological Persona Analysis  (Day 6 – 10)

Building upon the initial data and your input, we dive deeper into understanding your target audience. This critical phase involves developing compelling messaging that resonates with the audience's needs and desires. By embodying the mindset of your ideal customers, we classify different personas, identifying their fears, joys, and pain points. This clarity enables us to craft highly impactful solutions and refine the sales process. 


Stage 4: Conversion Optimization (Day 10 – 14)

An interim step, applicable if an active funnel/pipeline exists, where we make immediate adjustments to enhance ongoing marketing activities. Our goal is to minimize the depth of the project's J-curve in relation to our 90-day objectives. We focus on improving website performance, landing pages, and marketing campaigns, removing barriers in the customer journey to boost conversion rates.


Stage 5: Offer Creation and Funnel Building  (Day 14 – 20)

Here, we develop unique value propositions that distinguish your offerings and captivate your customers. We then start building a lead generation pipeline, designing a series of stages in the sales/marketing funnel to nurture leads from awareness to conversion.


Stage 6: Monitoring, Optimizations, and Deal Closing  (Day 20<)

During this phase, our attention shifts to proactive monitoring, tactical optimizations, and ensuring effective deal closures (depending on scope of services). We keep a close eye on the sales funnel's performance, making agile adjustments based on CRM analytics. Our collaboration with the sales team is intensified, focusing on sharpening their skills and strategies for effective deal closing. Now, accelerating past the X-axis in the J-curve and beyond, capitalizing the full potential of our comprehensive marketing efforts.


Stage 7: Performance Review and Roadmap Discussion  (Day 80 – 90)

As we approach the 90-day mark, we review our performance and discuss the possibilities and terms for our continued partnership, ensuring alignment with your business goals and ongoing success.

Meet Your Performance Captain, Daniel

The Founder who brings a unique blend of expertise to steer the DMP ship. Daniel holds a BSc in Finance, and transitioning in his professional career from managing over $100 million in financial assets to mastering digital marketing during his entrepreneurial journey. His approach is deeply enriched by his extensive expertise, blending creativity with a practical and analytical framework to generate extraordinary results.

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